• Added support to refresh application if web page freezes
  • Removed lyrics option which hasn’t been working for a while.


A couple of bug fixes  as well as changes to to deal with Jango Desktops new UI.

Issues Fixed:

  • Rate song up and Rate song down stopped working due to’s new UI
  • A second from had to be submited after rating a song up or down – Patch submited by luizbon
  • Contribution page did not link to GIT hub after the move from Google code – Reported by Brian
  • Artist has <span> tags in title – Reported by Brian

I want to say thanks you everyone who has contributed to Jango Desktop!





Fixed a bug  that caused the application to crash when you click on “More” in the author’s description.

This bug was reported by MadJack. Thank you MadJack.


Fixed an issue that causes a null reference exception to be thrown when loading Jango Desktop.


Jango Desktop Version

  • The transition to use the Gecko Webrowser has
    been completed. This means that all users who‘s Jango Desktop had stopped
    working after IE 9 had been installed, should be fixed.
  • This also fixed the issue when changing stations
    the music would stop.
  • Fixed a bug when songs where over 64 characters,
    Jango would throw an exception
  • Added the feature to start Jango Desktop

As always we invite users to submit bug request and feature
request so we can continue to improve Jango Desktop.


Special Thanks

I would like to give a special thanks to Ricardo Bocaz L. for all your help lately. Particularly all you work on Jango Desktop to port it to use the Gecko engine.