Version changed their player. changed the player which caused all keyboard shortcuts to break. This has been resolved in the latest version.


Fixed versioning bug. 
Upgraded Solution to work with Visual Studio 2010.


I added balloon tips for feedback when rating songs. With the settings option to enable and disable.


As some of you may have noticed Jango Desktop has been pushing many more updates recently. I am trying to address as many of the issues as possible noted on our Google Code page. In this version I have added the ability to customize keyboard shortcuts. More shortcuts, and settings to come!

If you like what I am doing please let me know, through a comment, e-mail or even a donation.


Copy to Clipboard has been added. The next feature I am working on is customizable keyboard shortcuts.


I added the ability to store username and password allowing you to auto login to Jango. No more logging in each time. This feature can be found under the settings control panel. Passwords are stored with AES encryption.

Version 3 Released

As the Jango Desktop application has been migrated to I have released a new version of JangoDesktop. Please uninstall all old versions of the application and install the latest version. 

In this version I have added a settings control panel.  Right now the only setting to change is when the balloon tips are shown, but more to come.


Jango Desktop has continued to evolve from a personal project to a open source project used my many people. In an effort to continue the development of Jango Desktop I have created this web site.